NZTA has decided on a preferred route for the Petone to Grenada Link Road

Update, 22 Nov 2015: NZTA has already updated the route. It now encroaches on Horokiwi near Van Der Veldan Way/Hillcroft Road, with the interchange very near the end of Van Der Velden Way.

The route chosen is largely the same as their 'most likely' option already identified. The most significant change is a slight shift to the east near Mark Ave. to avoid the houses that have recently been built there, and the option of going through the Takapu Valley to connect directly with Transmission Gulley will not go ahead - it will terminate at SH1 at Grenada North.

The best thing for Horokiwi is - we get our bridge! This has now been identified as part of the design.

There will be a further round of public consultation some time next year (2016), where we can have input on connections to Horokiwi Road, environmental effects, the impact of construction etc.

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18 Nov 2015