Horokiwi Reserve

Horokiwi Reserve
Report to AGM 2017

We started planting the reserve in 2008, so next year will be our 10 year anniversary. Thanks to our regulars who turn up with spades and pick axes every year, you guys are stars.

We put in another 750 plants this winter. I am guessing we have another 1,000 plants to go before we have finished the whole reserve so I've only ordered 500 for this year, and another 500 for the year after.

We remain the poster child for doing nothing, and WCC really appreciates the way we have a team that do our job without any need for assistance from them. By doing nothing, I mean we don't clear the grass, we don't go back and do any weed control, we just plant and walk away for another year.
And we are getting fantastic results! This is because of the types of trees we plant, as we only order the hardiest varieties, but will also be because all our volunteers know what they are doing and know how to dig a decent hole, and give the tree a good start to life without any further assistance.

I have met with our Park Ranger and discussed the long term plans for the reserve. After we have finished planting the whole reserve the WCC would like to start to give us Podocarps, and second generation plants to put in our more established spots.

I also discussed tracks. Previously the tracks have only been cleared as they are needed for utilities, or after I have chased them up. Matt, our Park Ranger assures me that the WCC wants to keep the existing tracks open and will add them to their regular maintenance programe. Some of our trees are too close to the tracks, and i have assured Matt that we won't get too upset if there is some collateral damage when the tracks are cleared.

Next year we are planting near the farm, and continuing on where Liz and Sue have been working at the bottom of Woollaston Way. See you there in the 3rd Sunday in July.

Karu Shaw