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Here is a chronological list of additions to the site.

A lovely winter morning in Horokiwi
    24/07/2019 11:00pm

Petone to Grenada link road on hold till 2028
Press release from NZTA advising that the P2G link road will not proceed in the near future.     10/04/2019 6:36pm

community association meeting
Meeting to be held 30 June 2018     20/06/2018 3:10pm

Motorcycle accident during race
Motorcycle racing in Horokiwi     05/02/2018 9:35pm

Survey map of Horokiwi Rd - 1891
Larger version of 'Horokiwi Rd map'     05/02/2018 12:00am

Horokiwi map 1913
Map of Horokiwi and surrounding areas circa 1913     04/02/2018 9:51pm

NZTA Petone to Grenada Evaluation Report
    18/12/2017 10:18am

p2g - back to drawing board
The current Petone to Grenada Link Road current plans have been discarded.
NZTA Press release -     15/12/2017 4:49pm

Plant Swap
    27/09/2017 8:14pm

2017 Elections Meet the Candidates
Meeting organised by the Johnsonville Community Association where we can meet the 2017 General Election candidates.     21/08/2017 10:26am

Gorse & Goat - 1 July 2017
    27/06/2017 4:23pm

Some common and not so common Horokiwi terms.     27/06/2017 4:23pm

AGM held at no 2 Hillcroft Rd on the 17 March 2017     17/05/2017 5:43pm

AGM 2017 - Chair's Report
    17/05/2017 5:39pm

HCA Rules
HCA Rules     25/03/2017 7:24pm

Latest newsletter
    25/03/2017 7:18pm

Horokiwi AGM and BBQ     18/03/2017 10:23am

NZTA-HCA Minutes
Minutes of the meeting between NZTA and the Community Association Dec 2016     23/01/2017 12:05pm

Storm - November 2016
The storm that followed the November earthquake     21/12/2016 3:36pm

NZTA Community Survey
Survey by NZTA on Horokiwi residents travel and transport patterns.     20/09/2016 11:32pm

HCA P2G survey
Survey by the Horokiwi Community Association of residents views on the Petone to Grenada Link Road     22/08/2016 7:56pm

Community Meeting 12 June 16 minutes
Minutes of the community meeting on 12 June 2016     17/06/2016 3:08am

Community Meeting 12June16 summary
Summary of the community meeting on 12 June 2016     17/06/2016 3:05am

Communiity meeting agenda
    08/06/2016 9:21pm

Fencing Contractor
True Fencing Fencing Contractors     24/03/2016 3:59pm

Community Meeting
Meeting to discuss the current NZTA proposal and decide on a course of action at this crucial stage.     24/03/2016 3:50pm

Route map - march 2016
Map used at the meeting with the community at the Quarry, March 4 2016     24/03/2016 3:22pm

Petone to Grenada link road planning meeting
Connections to Horokiwi
Meeting agenda     03/03/2016 5:28pm

Broadband Internet
Here now.     26/11/2015 11:03pm

Link Road route decided
NZTA has decided on a preferred route for the Petone to Grenada Link Road     22/11/2015 4:31pm

NZ Fire Service Property Risk leaflet
Tips and recommendations for keeping rural properties safe from fire.     12/11/2015 5:51pm

All Newsletters
    24/08/2015 6:18pm

Regional Plan Review
Submissions on the proposed Natural Resources Plan close on 25 Sept 2015     17/08/2015 12:04am

Early Settlers
Earliest history of Horokiwi, Korokoro and Pito-one     11/08/2015 5:55am

Horokiwi Road Map
General Survey Department of New Zealand map of Horokiwi Rd.     29/07/2015 9:23pm

Petone Photos
Pictures of the Cornish St / Korokoro Stream area     29/07/2015 9:19pm

Internet in Horokiwi
    28/07/2015 12:52am

Horokiwi, A Brief History
A school project by Ella Stevens.     26/07/2015 8:47pm

Google camera car
    25/07/2015 10:14pm

Website Info
Brief introduction to the Horokiwi website     23/07/2015 4:25am

Garden Tour 2010
    21/07/2015 11:33pm

Garden Tour 2008
    21/07/2015 11:31pm

Horokiwi misses out
1970s newspaper article about Horokiwi's rates.     10/07/2015 5:33am

Quarry Photos - Then and Now
A collection of old photos of the quarry area, with current day comparisons     10/07/2015 3:11am

A sample picture     10/07/2015 2:48am

Storm - 2013
One of the most severe storms to hit Wellington.     10/07/2015 2:45am

Snow - 2011
Four days of snow isolates Horokiwi.     10/07/2015 2:41am

The Roil House
Some photos of the remains of the old Roil house, where the driveway to nos. 346/348 is now.     08/07/2015 10:26pm

Map 1
Ariel photograph of the northern part of Horokiwi, probably some time around the 1970s.
Courtesy of Marty.     28/06/2015 6:02pm

McRea house
The McRea House, opposite the notice board, destroyed by fire.
Photo circa 1986, courtesy of the Stevens family.     28/06/2015 5:48pm

Horokiwi Rural Community Plan
The Horokiwi Rural Community Plan, developed by the Horokiwi Community Association and the Wellington City Council.     17/06/2015 2:44am